Zach Friend Interview: Second Term Goals

In the third segment of our interview with Supervisor Zach Friend, Zach talks about what his second term goals are. He cites a lot of unfinished business from his first term, especially on the infrastructure side. Roads, traffic, and transportation financing are problems he feels need to be addressed in a multitude of ways. In […]

Zach Friend Interview: First Term Accomplishments

In this second segment of our interview with Supervisor Zach Friend, we asked Zach to speak about his accomplishments during his first term as 2nd District County Supervisor.  Zach touched on a number of achievements, including working to refund the public safety element of the county budget, re-establishing the Santa Cruz County Parks department as […]

Slipping Away From the Beach

The recent storms have battered and ripped open the Concrete Ship at Seacliff Beach. After years of simply decaying, she looks as though she might be slipping away. Ironically, Cathryn Grant’s second novel of the Haunted Ship Trilogy, which was just released, is titled, Slipping Away From the Beach. Set in 1967, the summer of […]

Zach Friend Interview: Introduction

I got to sit down with Santa Cruz County 2nd District Supervisor Zach Friend for an interview, to talk about a number of topics that concern his constituents here in Aptos – and all of the 2nd District, and Santa Cruz county as a whole, for that matter. Although Zach has been supervisor for nearly […]

A New Year, a New Kitten in Aptos

Happy New Year everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, I really love a new year. Already, I feel like the year is off to a good start – I know the freakish weather on the east coast and in Europe is a concern, but finally, we have rain in California. The local economy feels much improved […]

The Palo Alto by Diane Turner

The Palo Alto, a ship made of concrete, was originally built as a tanker for the war effort, but when the war ended she was still under construction, so, in time, she was hauled here from Oakland, moored at Seacliff Beach Pier on Monterey Bay, and turned into a party ship, all dressed up in […]

Capitola Junior Guards Registration

I’m a morning person – I’m usually up by 5 or 5:30 AM, sometimes even a bit earlier than that…and I don’t have to set an alarm to do it. But on Monday this week, I actually did set my alarm for 4:00 AM so I could get in line for the Capitola Junior Guards […]

Santa Cruz Bansai Show 2015

I sat down this morning to talk with Ben Willis, a local Aptos resident who has a really interesting and apparently quite fun hobby: bansai trees. Ben is the vice president of the Santa Cruz Bansai Kai Club, and he loves his Bansai! We talked for a half hour or so, and I learned a […]

Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough

Have you ever gone Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough? My wife and I drove down yesterday and spent a couple of hours out on the water. I had gone before – years and years ago, on a tour with some friends. This time, it was just the wife and I, paddling around and taking in the […]

A Walk on the Beaches of Aptos

I’ve always enjoyed going on a nice walk, and Aptos is a wonderful place to go for a stroll. For those looking to seriously exert themselves, there’s always the lovely Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, which has miles and miles of hiking trails through this 10,000+ acre forested beauty. However, many folks instead choose […]