The Fight against Aptos Graffiti

For the past 2-3 months, I’ve been taking morning walks. It started out by just walking around my “block” a whole bunch of times, but I got bored of that after a while and started going on longer walks, way down Soquel, usually clear all the way to Aptos Village and ultimately to Norma Jean’s […]

Memorial Day at Seacliff Beach

Aptos has a reputation for being a foggy place. Blame it on the Monterey Bay, which has the second deepest ocean canyon in the world, with lots of super cold water that generates when it’s hot inland. I personally think it’s somewhat blown out of proportion – yes, we have a lot of foggy mornings, […]

Sunday at the Blues Festival

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in Aptos, which for the last twenty plus years has meant it’s also the weekend of the Santa Cruz Blues Festival, held down at Aptos Village Park. I haven’t been to the blues festival in years – the last time I went was to see the great Ray Charles play what […]

Aptos Little League Season Ends

Yesterday was the final game of the Aptos Little League. My son Aiden played with the Yankees – it’s only a farm league, so games are (usually) just 3 innings and nobody actually keeps score. I’ll come right out and say it – I know like next-to-nothing about baseball, never having myself been on a […]

Saturday Morning

I make no bones about it: I’m a morning person. All my life, so far as I can remember, I’m up once I see the light, and it’s almost impossible for me to get back to sleep. As I get older, I seem to need less sleep than before, and I get up earlier and […]

The Underbelly of Aptos

Yesterday I helped some folks from Take Back Aptos, The Clean Team, and Save our Shores to do a little clean up of Aptos Creek.  I came totally unprepared, wearing shorts and blue Crocs.  I figured we’d be cleaning the creek itself, just walking amongst the mossy rocks, picking up the odd bits of aluminum cans, […]

The Aptos Lifestyle

Welcome to the inaugural posting for the Aptos Lifestyle, a new blog on  This is my personal blog of my life in Aptos, and I’ll share with you what’s going on the community from my personal perspective.  I’ll include all kinds of pictures, video, stories, and anecdotes – anything which I think may prove […]