Mar Vista Bridge

As part of the project to widen Highway 1, a pedestrian and bike bridge is to be built across the highway at Mar Vista Drive. Prior to the original construction of Highway 1, Mar Vista Drive went from the hills clear down to the bluffs above Seacliff beach, but the road was severed when the highway was built. Now, a link between the Mar Vista and Seacliff neighborhoods is to be restored for pedestrian and bike traffic.

Mar Vista Bridge Aptos

Mar Vista Bridge Aptos

The bridge will be a benefit to the community, as right now, the only way for pedestrians and bikes to get from Seacliff to Mar Vista Elementary School, Cabrillo College, and the other businesses in the area on Soquel Drive is via the State Park Drive overcrossing, which is not pedestrian-friendly due to the high volume of fast-moving vehicular traffic.

The bridge is also meant to help tie into the Coastal Rail Trail which will better connect the Mar Vista area with the rest of the county via a bike-and-pedestrian friendly trail.

** Update – March 20, 2014 **

The project is apparently being delayed by CalTRans review. They’re hoping to haveĀ environmental documents approved by fall of this year.

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