Le Chef Kitchen and More in Aptos

Thinking about making a trip over the hill to Sur le Table or Williams Sonoma? Why bother, when Le Chef Kitchen and More is located in the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center in Aptos? Le Chef Kitchen and More in Aptos was opened way back in 2005, by a husband and wife team (Dee Dee and Keang Lee) who really know their stuff. They are very helpful and service-oriented, and provide a very wide selection of unique, high-quality items you may not find anywhere else – even the aforementioned mega-mall kitchenware retailers.

Le Chef Kitchenware in Aptos
Le Chef Kitchenware in Aptos for all your kitchen needs

Best Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Lot is in Aptos

It turns out that the best Santa Cruz Christmas tree lot is in Aptos! This may be somewhat of a subjective statement, but what other Christmas tree lot in the county gives you free popcorn, hot cocoa, coffee, and hot apple cider? What other Christmas tree lot in town has a special crafts area for your kids to make holiday decorations while you shop for a Christmas tree?

They offer a full range of top notch Christmas trees, and they are all fresh and grown in the U.S.A. And the prices are reasonable, too – very competitive with Costco and other lots around town. If you’re shopping for a fresh live Christmas tree this year, go and check out the Christmas tree lot in Aptos Village – you’ll be glad you did! They accept cash, checks, and Visa/Mastercard.

The Aptos Christmas Tree Lot is located where Lucy’s Hot Dog stand is, which is next to Testorff Construction, which in turn is located right next to the Bayview Hotel.

Fleet Feet Sports Aptos

Locally owned and operated by Russ and Tina (Hill) Coillot, (a Soquel High graduate) since 2010, Fleet Feet Sports Aptos is located in the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center.  Fleet Feet Sports in Aptos strives to be more than just a store where you shop for shoes and apparel. Fleet Feet Sports is a place in the Aptos community you can visit often because you feel comfortable there. They are a resource for all your running, walking and general fitness needs; they will support you through setbacks and challenges and will celebrate your accomplishments. They are inspired everyday by you: our community.

In fact, Fleet Feet Sports in Aptos was recognized in 2013 by competitor.com as one of the 50 best running stores in the entire USA.  That’s a pretty impressive achievement given the thousands of running stores across the country. But Aptos is the best, and so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we would have one of the best running stores in the country.

Fleet Feet Sports also works with a number of charities in the area, they work with our kids in our elementary schools to help keep them fit, and sponsor a number of running events in the area.  If you run, walk, jog, or get around on two feet, this is the place you need to come and check out.

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