New Year’s Walk at King Tide

4K Video of Low Tide Walk from New Brighton to Capitola On January 1, 2018, Santa Cruz county rang in the new year, and Mother Nature provided an incredible way to greet it: with a King Tide. A King Tide is simply the very highest tide, and the flip side is a very low tide. […]

A New Year in Aptos

Good morning, and welcome to a new year in Aptos! Many people are all too happy to bid good riddance to 2016. It was certainly a contentious year with seemingly more downs than ups. In Aptos, though, it feels easier somehow to just let it roll off you, like water off a duck’s back. Late […]

A New Year, a New Kitten in Aptos

Happy New Year everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, I really love a new year. Already, I feel like the year is off to a good start – I know the freakish weather on the east coast and in Europe is a concern, but finally, we have rain in California. The local economy feels much improved […]

Starting 2015 On the Right Foot in Aptos

I’ve been working on Aptos Community News for over a year now, in part because I want to help make Aptos an even better place tomorrow than it is today. And in that spirit, I plan on starting 2015 on the right foot in Aptos. I’m going to improve our community starting with me, which […]