Zach Friend Interview: Fiber Optic Broadband Internet

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In the seventh segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about Fiber Optic Broadband Internet which will be publicly financed. Zach Friend mentions that the first legislation he brought forward upon being elected was a “dig once” policy to require notification to all utilities when a road would be dug up, so all concerned parties could do whatever work they needed to do at the same site, at a fraction of the cost.

The Santa Cruz Fiber Optic Broadband project is part of the Sunseys project. Every 1600 feet, any Internet provider will be allowed to break into the line to provide “incredibly” high speed Internet to any customer. Providing ultra-high speed Internet to residents of Aptos and Santa Cruz county is very important as it will enable high-tech Silicon Valley companies to open satellite offices here in Santa Cruz county, allowing many workers to stay locally and off the roads. This project has already gone through all the environmental impact reports and is now in the permitting phase.

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In the eighth segment of the interview, Supervisor Friend talks about the lack of affordable housing in Santa Cruz county, and what can be done to improve the situation.

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