Aptos Restaurants Overview

Despite Aptos being a small town, it has a surprisingly high number of quality places to eat. This page is our Aptos Restaurants Overview, and will guide you to the best of Aptos restaurants. Aptos has just about all kinds of cuisine – French, Mexican, American Bistro, Asian, BBQ – if you can eat it, […]

Bella Vista Italian Kitchen and Bar

Bella Vista Italian Kitchen and Bar is the newest eatery in Aptos. It’s located in the famous Bayview Hotel, in Aptos Village. The Bayview Hotel has hosted a number of restaurants in recent years, but Bella Vista is under distinct ownership and management. It first opened its doors in late February 2017, and it quickly […]

A Look Into Persephone

I recently had an opportunity to chat with two of the owners of Persephone, the hottest new restaurant in Aptos. I wanted to check in with them and see how their new venture is going, and to learn more about what has made Persephone such a success right out of the gate. I sat down […]

Persephone Restaurant

Persephone Restaurant in Aptos is located on Soquel Drive, across the street from the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center and next-door to Burger. It occupies the former location of Aptos Pizza, which shut its doors in 2014. Persephone Restaurant in Aptos is the result of over 15 years of work by Cori Goudge-Ayer and her […]

The Colonel has Left the Building

The lower end of the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center is turning into a veritable ghost town, as another of its tenants have closed up shop. Early this month, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant shut its doors, with apparently no prior notice to any of their customers. The plastic lighted sign has been turned around, […]

Flats Bistro

The Flats Bistro in Aptos is located on the Rio del Mar Beach Esplanade, adjacent to the venerable Cafe Rio. Actually, Flats Bistro and Cafe Rio have the same owner, Jeanne Harrison. While Cafe Rio offers a full bar and a more formal, sit-down dining experience, the Flats Bistro is a much more casual experience. […]

Hole in the Wall Cafe

The Hole in the Wall Cafe is located in Seacliff Village, right on Center street and next to a number of other popular Aptos eateries. It’s called the Hole in the Wall for a reason: indoor seating is very limited, and outdoor seating isn’t too spacious, either. If you come for breakfast on a weekend, […]

Pixie Deli

Pixie Deli in Aptos is located in the Rio del Mar Beach Flats. It’s a great spot to grab a quick bite and maybe a beer as you soak up the rays on the beach. They have a good number of tables outside in the sunshine, and a few indoors for when it’s cold and […]

Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant

Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant, located in the Seacliff neighborhood of Aptos, is practically an institution. They first opened their doors in 1965, and have been family owned and busy ever since. They have a traditional Mexican menu with a full bar, beer, and wine. Every meal is of course served with bottomless chips and Manuel’s salsa, […]

The Hideout in Aptos

The Hideout in Aptos is located along Soquel Drive, just past Aptos Village as you are heading south towards Rio del Mar. It is appropriately named, because unless you know where to find it, it’s an easy spot to miss. The Hideout opened in January of 2015 and it became an overnight sensation. The restaurant […]

Cantine Wine Pub

The Cantine Wine Pub in Aptos opened in August 2014 in the Aptos Village Plaza Shopping center, in the heart of Aptos Village. It has a stunning layout and decor with a modern but very comfortable feeling, created by noted Aptos designer Karrie Franks. There’s a sunny back deck overlooking a verdant greenbelt, making for […]