Zach Friend Interview: Passenger Train and Rail Trail

In the fifth segment of our interview with Supervisor Zach Friend, we discuss Santa Cruz Passenger Train service and the Santa Cruz Rail Trail. This is one of the longest segments in our interview, clocking in at over seven minutes. It’s a fairly wide ranging discussion in which the Supervisor talks about the hurdles to […]

Passenger Rail Opponents Meet on Thursday

Are you concerned about the Regional Transportation Commission’s plans to bring some form of passenger rail service to Aptos and Santa Cruz county? If so, you’re not alone, and a group of like-minded people will be gathering on Thursday, September 17th at the Rio Sands Hotel in Aptos (near Rio del Mar Beach) from 6:00 […]

Ellen Pirie Talks Aptos Village, Rail Corridor

Former Santa Cruz County 2nd District Supervisor Ellen Pirie generously agreed to a conversation with Seb Frey (editor of Aptos Community News), to share her recollections and insights into the development of the new Aptos Village plan, as well as the Santa Cruz Rail Corridor. The conversation was recorded via Skype, and is available here […]

Alternatives to Passenger Rail Service in Santa Cruz

Last week, I posted about the trouble with passenger rail service in Santa Cruz. This week, I’m going to talk about a few alternatives to passenger rail service in Santa Cruz which would be more cost effective and achieve better results for the county. Much to their credit, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission […]

The Trouble with Santa Cruz Passenger Rail

I wanted to share with you all what I feel is the trouble with Santa Cruz Passenger Rail. When Santa Cruz county was able to purchase the Santa Cruz Branch rail line back in 2012, I was all for it. Finally something would be done with the rail line, which had lain dormant for years, […]

RTC Passenger Rail Study Workshop July 17

Are you looking forward to the day when you’ll be able to hop on a train in Aptos and travel quickly, smoothly, and cheaply into Capitola or downtown Santa Cruz? Or do you fear that such a train project would be a $300 million boondoggle, be snarled up for years by lawsuits and environmental impact […]

Rail Trail Faces June 4 Deadline

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC) is set to vote on June 5th to approve the continued use through 2021 of the Santa Cruz county rail line by the Train to Christmas Town. While many families have enjoyed the seasonal attraction, granting an operational license through 2021 would effectively destroy the possibility of […]

Sanctuary Trail Plan

Santa Cruz county transportation officials have given the green light to a 50-mile, $126.7 million countywide network of trials, primarily following the 31 mile Branch Rail line. Read More