Rancho del Mar Redevelopment

The Rancho del Mar Shopping Center had been purchased by Safeway Stores, Inc., which announced plans for a major Rancho del Mar Redevelopment.  However, after Safeway merged with Albertsons, the new management structure decided to instead sell Rancho del Mar, and a number of other shopping centers it owned, to Terramar Retail Centers LLC.  At this point it is unknown what plans Terramar has for the shopping center.

The shopping center has been in Aptos since the 1960s and has not had a major redevelopment in its history. While some in the community feel that Aptos is in need of an “improved” Rancho del Mar shopping center, many feel that the new Safeway plans are over the top and not in line with character of Aptos. In addition, many retailers which in some cases have decades invested in the shopping center and the community may be forced to move, or, in many cases, go out of business altogether.

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SaveAptos.com – Aptos residents and businesses working to improve the redevelopment plans

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