Aptos Votes Tomorrow on Local Issues

Although the November elections steal all the attention, voters in Aptos will go to the polls tomorrow, Tuesday June 7th, to vote on a number of issues of considerable importance. The June ballot is also called the primary election, when voters, for example, make their party’s choice for President, but there are a number of […]

Zach Friend Interview: Aptos Village

In the ninth and final segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about the Aptos Village Project. Zach stresses that the county’s role in the project at this point is very specific, focusing primarily on traffic improvements such as new signal lights, sidewalk, widening Soquel Drive, installing a dedicated left turn lane, […]

Zach Friend Interview: Housing Affordability

In the eighth segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about housing affordability and what needs to happen to improve it in Santa Cruz county. According to Friend, too many people live in substandard and overcrowded housing conditions, and it is simply unacceptable for this to be happening in a place and […]

Aptos Cares

A couple of weekends ago, Comcast Cares Day came to Mar Vista Elementary School, where my son is currently enrolled in first grade. Each year, the good folks at Comcast sponsor community service events throughout the country, enlisting thousands of volunteers to help make their communities a better place. Comcast provides tools and materials, and […]

Zach Friend Interview: Fiber Optic Broadband Internet

In the seventh segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about Fiber Optic Broadband Internet which will be publicly financed. Zach Friend mentions that the first legislation he brought forward upon being elected was a “dig once” policy to require notification to all utilities when a road would be dug up, so […]

Zach Friend Interview: Sustainable Santa Cruz

In the sixth segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about the Sustainable Santa Cruz County plan. The Supervisor says that the county has been trying to look for new ways to do a lot of things. How can we manage growth in Santa Cruz county in better ways to create a […]

Zach Friend Interview: Passenger Train and Rail Trail

In the fifth segment of our interview with Supervisor Zach Friend, we discuss Santa Cruz Passenger Train service and the Santa Cruz Rail Trail. This is one of the longest segments in our interview, clocking in at over seven minutes. It’s a fairly wide ranging discussion in which the Supervisor talks about the hurdles to […]

Zach Friend Interview: Transportation

In the fourth segment of our interview with Supervisor Zach Friend, Zach talks about the tremendous challenges we as a community face with our transportation. He talks about the need for Santa Cruz county to become a “self help” county when it comes to transportation. He┬ásays this is the only way that the county will […]

Crowdfunding from Aptos to Asia

Thomas Fahey, co-owner and instructor at Synergy Dance Fitness and Tai Chi in Aptos, today embarks on a trip to China and Vietnam. The trip is an incredible example of crowdfunding from Aptos to Asia: it’s all been made possible thanks to the incredible and generous contributions of dozens of local folks from in and […]

Get your Zach Friend Yard Sign!

We’re sure you’ve noticed that it’s Election Time again! Heard about Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders? How about Zach Friend? Our 2nd District County Supervisor is running for re-election. Many folks in Aptos and elsewhere in the district feel that Zach is doing a great job and should continue to be our representative. It’s not only […]