Help Clean Up Aptos this Week

Spring is in full swing, and a couple of our area’s neighborhood associations are asking you to help clean up Aptos this week. The first clean up, sponsored by the Rio del Mar Improvement Association, in concert with Save Our Shores, happens on Wednesday, May 13th at Hidden Beach. Volunteers are asked to check in […]

Sandman Triathlon Returns for Its 30th Year

The Sandman Triathlon returns for its 30th year this summer! The Sandman Triathlon is a fundraiser for the Santa Cruz State Parks Lifeguard Association held at Seacliff State Beach.  This year, the race will be held on Sunday, August 2nd at 8:00 AM. The Sandman Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned event.  It begins with a […]

Los Angeles Times Writes up Aptos

We’ve hit the big time – the Los Angeles Times Writes up Aptos!  It seems that a travel writer visited Aptos recently, and wrote a story for the Los Angeles Times entitled Slowing down to savor the good life in Aptos, Calif. The writer, Michele Bigley, has written a number of travel guides and writes […]

A Walk on the Beaches of Aptos

I’ve always enjoyed going on a nice walk, and Aptos is a wonderful place to go for a stroll. For those looking to seriously exert themselves, there’s always the lovely Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, which has miles and miles of hiking trails through this 10,000+ acre forested beauty. However, many folks instead choose […]

Seacliff Beach Visitor’s Center

The Seacliff Visitor’s Center is another Aptos Gem. The Visitors’ Center is where you go to learn about the SS Palo Alto, and also about the marine life and environment of the area. They have a little pool where the kids can touch starfish, anemones, etc. Sometimes you can make kites there too. Ask them […]

Memorial Day at Seacliff Beach

Aptos has a reputation for being a foggy place. Blame it on the Monterey Bay, which has the second deepest ocean canyon in the world, with lots of super cold water that generates when it’s hot inland. I personally think it’s somewhat blown out of proportion – yes, we have a lot of foggy mornings, […]

Seacliff State Beach

Seacliff State Beach Park is one of the major draws to Aptos for out-of-town visitors. It is perhaps best known as the spot where “the cement boat,” aka the SS Palo Alto, lies sunken offshore. The beach can be crowded on summer days, particularly on any three-day weekend. Some of the biggest crowds, however, can […]