Monte Foundation Fireworks moving to Capitola

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel is reporting that the Monte Foundation is in talks with the city of Capitola to move its annual fireworks display to Capitola. The Monte Foundation promoted an annual fireworks display in Aptos for 18 years, but the display was canceled for 2013 amid soaring costs for closing the beach and paying for security provided by the California Highway Patrol.

Marc Monte, head of the Monte Foundation and owner of Deluxe Foods in Aptos, is planning to get businesses in Capitola to sponsor the display. The Capitola City Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow, May 22 @ 7:00 PM to discuss the proposal to move the display to Capitola for 2014. The move is supported by many Capitola residents and businesses, and has garnered support from county supervisor Zach Friend.

It’s good to see that the Monte Foundation fireworks will be returning this year, but it’s unfortunate that it’s moving out of Aptos, as it’s something that thousands of Aptosians looked forward to every year. Perhaps in the future local Aptos business will be able to sponsor the fireworks to again make their showing in Aptos.

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