Learning to Surf

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Ahh, summertime! Last year I wrote about how we registered our son for Capitola Junior Guards. ┬áThat was the last year, it seems, when folks had to get up at o’dark:30 to wait in line to make sure they got the session they wanted (now it’s all done online, boo hoo!).

He is now in his second year of Guards, and so he’s spending hours every day at the beach. We got him one of those $100 foam surfboards from Amazon for his birthday, and now, he’s learning how to surf with it! Check out this video:

This is Our Community

I don’t know how to surf – I tried it once, decades ago, and it seemed too much like work. But I’m proud of my boy, and it brings me incredible joy to watch him learn, and see how much fun he’s having.

What’s also cool to me is that when I tell people, “Hey, my kid just stood up on a surf board for the first time the other day!” I get really warm congratulations from them. Around here, it’s like a rite of passage, and folks are genuinely stoked to hear that Aiden is on his way becoming a surfer.

Of course, it takes a village. Since I myself don’t know how to surf, we asked the son of a friend of ours – who I met, years ago, when I helped them buy a house in La Selva Beach – if he could given Aiden a few lessons.

Their son is himself a Junior Guard, and an amazing kid and incredible role model for our boy. Thank you guys so much for being part of our lives! We are all very grateful for your support. ­čÖé