Exclusive Interview with James Durbin

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Courtesy of Freeman Promotions

For those of you who haven’t heard, local musician James Durbin was recently announced as the new lead singer for Quiet Riot, the legendary metal band.  James was kind enough to grant an interview to AptosCommunityNews about this new musical venture.

First, congratulations on joining Quiet Riot! That’s quite an accomplishment.

1) How did you happen to get connected up with those guys?

JD: I was doing a residency show in Las Vegas and ended up (re)connecting with QR Guitarist Alex Grossi and we started our own songwriting project titled “Maps To The Hollywood Scars” of which we just released our first five song EP titled “Volume 1”. Throughout our time writing, Alex played our songs to QR Drummer Frankie Banali. Frankie had had his eye on me for a few years. I guess everything just fell into place at the right time 🙂

2) What history do you have with the band – have you been a fan, if so, how long?

JD: The first time I heard QUIET RIOT’s ‘Bang Your Head (Metal Health)’ was on a video game called Legends Of Wrestling. The gameplay was awful but the theme song was worth keeping it haha. This is a few years before YouTube was around.

3) Do you have any favorite Quiet Riot songs in particular that you look forward to rocking out on?

JD: Since QR rehearsals took place earlier this week all songs in the setlist are just as strong as the next one, but in particular I’m currently enjoying ‘Condition Critical’, ‘Thunderbird’, ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ & ‘Sucks To Be You’.

4) Have you and the rest of your new band mates discussed any changes to the sound or a new approach to performing their music?

JD: QUIET RIOT is a straight-forward Rock ‘n Roll party band! 1 Guitarist, 1 Bassist, 1 Drummer & the Singer 🙂 We now have 3 Generations in the band, so there will definitely be some new approaches happening every now and then.

5) Quiet Riot is something of an institution in the heavy metal world – and you’re a pretty young guy. Do you have any concerns about that?

JD: No concerns at all. As soon as we hit the stage for the first time together, any concerns will be laid to rest.

6) When will be your first show with Quiet Riot?

JD: My first show is at The Cotillion in Wichita, KS on March 18th!   I can’t wait to unleash everything we’ve got on that crowd haha. I hope they’re ready.

7) Are there plans to record any new material with the band now that you’re on board?

JD: Right now QUIET RIOT is focused on touring and getting the word out about my joining the band.

8) Will Quiet Riot be playing in or near Santa Cruz any time soon?

JD: No scheduled dates at this time, but we are looking at possible bookings in Santa Cruz.

9) Quiet Riot is based in L.A. – does this mean you’ll need to move, or will you be staying here in the Santa Cruz area?

JD: Most of my travels will be weekend based, so there are no plans to move at this time.

10) Will you continue your career as a solo artist?

JD: Absolutely! I recently released my first Independent album “Riot On Sunset” that was recorded in Santa Cruz at Rocker Studios with ‘Father’ Rick Vierra. We will be recording an Acoustic Album sometime this year as well as a songwriting project with my wife Heidi.

James Durbin is appearing TONIGHT, March 11th, at the Catalyst Club in downtown Santa Cruz to support Jacob’s Heart. The show starts at 7:30 PM – so head and down and check it out!