Learning to Surf

Ahh, summertime! Last year I wrote about how we registered our son for Capitola Junior Guards.  That was the last year, it seems, when folks had to get up at o’dark:30 to wait in line to make sure they got the session they wanted (now it’s all done online, boo hoo!). He is now in […]

Platforms Beach

Platforms Beach is located between Rio del Mar Beach and Hidden Beach, and is accessed via a drive down Beach Drive from the Rio del Mar Beach Round-a-bout.  There’s a state beach parking lot that requires that you either pay $10 to park or have a state park parking pass.  There are some free parking spots around […]

Pot Belly Beach

Pot Belly Beach is located between Seacliff State Beach and New Brighton State Beach, on the border of Aptos and Capitola. The beach is partly privately owned (up to the high tide water mark, anyway), with a number of multi-million dollar homes built right up on the sand. As this is mostly a private beach, […]