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544 Beach Drive - 3/3 2100sf - sold for $1,825,000 after 64 DOM

Aptos Real Estate Update October 2016

It has been four months since my last Aptos real estate market update, back in June. Back then, I had some actual news to share. The real estate report was no longer the same story of rising prices with crushingly low inventory. Prices were still rising back in June, but the number of sales had … [Read More...]

Edmund Kemper, Aptos Serial Killer

Learn about the Aptos Serial Killer

Many readers will probably have heard that Santa Cruz county was once known as the Murder Capital of the World. This notoriety was earned during the early 1970s when three serial killers were operating in Santa Cruz at roughly the same time. What a lot of Aptosians may not know, however, is that … [Read More...]

Positive Parenting Program

Triple P 4-Week Brief Group starting in Aptos

Community Bridges will be hosting a Triple P 4-Week Brief Group starting in Aptos, beginning Tuesday October 25th and ending November 15th. The workshop is about Teaching Children to Share & Cooperate using Positive Parenting methodologies. Anyone may attend this free parenting group to learn how … [Read More...]

Hihn Apple Barn on the Move

Time Lapse Video shows Hihn Apple Barn Moving

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're probably aware that the construction work for the new Aptos Village began several months back. For months, passers by have seen the Hihn Apple Barn up on jacks, as it was being prepared to move to its new site. Last month, on September 22, the move … [Read More...]

SCPL On the Go

SCPL on the Go Workshop at the Aptos Library

Did you know that the Santa Cruz Public Library System has a mobile app - so you can check out materials, digitally, from the comfort of your own home and mobile device? Learn how to get the most out of the library's mobile app, SCPL on the Go at a "Pop-Up Workshop" to be held on Friday, October … [Read More...]

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