Santa Cruz County Planning Further Vacation Rental Restrictions

Despite a large number of serious problems (homelessness, traffic, addiction, just to name a few) affecting the quality of life of everyone in Santa Cruz county, the Santa Cruz County Planning Commission is busily at work cooking up new and largely unnecessary vacation rental restrictions. These additional restrictions will do nothing to alleviate the crushing […]

County is Planning Big Changes for Vacation Rentals

This article is provided courtesy of Robert Singleton, the Government Affairs Director for the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  It is being provided to readers of AptosCommunityNews as many Aptos residents and home owners will be affected by the proposed changes. During their June meeting the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted to place significantly […]

New Aptos Village Groundbreaking Moves Ahead

The Santa Cruz county Board of Supervisors held a meeting late yesterday afternoon to vote on approval of the final Aptos Village map.  Yesterday’s meeting was reportedly well attended by vocal and spirited opponents of the plan, but nevertheless, the board of supervisors did unanimously vote approval of the final map, as had been widely […]

Ellen Pirie Talks Aptos Village, Rail Corridor

Former Santa Cruz County 2nd District Supervisor Ellen Pirie generously agreed to a conversation with Seb Frey (editor of Aptos Community News), to share her recollections and insights into the development of the new Aptos Village plan, as well as the Santa Cruz Rail Corridor. The conversation was recorded via Skype, and is available here […]

Aptos Village Design Changes Unanimously Approved

The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved the changes to the Aptos Village design requested by the developer, Barry Swenson Builder. The project initially won approval in 2012 after a decade in the planning process, but that approval granted the builder some flexibility in the final design. The approval today from the […]

Supervisors will Discuss Aptos Village Design Changes

The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors will discuss Aptos Village design changes at their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 5th at 9 AM.   They will also discuss the recent appeal to the Level 4 planning approval. The Aptos Village Plan was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in 2012, but when approval […]

Planning Commission Recommends SADA Delay

At the end of a lengthy two and a half hour meeting today, the Santa Cruz County Planning Commission voted to delay any approval of enhanced vacation rental restrictions in what they are calling the the Seacliff-Aptos Designated Area (“SADA”). The council meeting today was well attended by the public, and a number of citizens […]

Supervisor Friend pushes Aptos Broadband

The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently published a great article about the efforts of Aptos resident and Supervisor Zach Friend to improve the quality of Internet broadband to Santa Cruz county. The article quotes Supervisor Friend as saying “Our available residential internet access is one step above a joke,” referring to his home in Aptos, […]