Aptos and the History of Manned Flight

Did you know that Aptos was host to a pioneering phase in aviation history? In 1903 a man named John Joseph Montgomery began flying his groundbreaking heavier-than-air glider around Aptos. This glider was the first vehicle of its kind to provide human-controlled sustained flight – before the Wright Brothers flew their plane at Kittyhawk. Craig […]

Castro Adobe 2016 Open House Dates Announced

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks has announced the Castro Adobe State Historic Park will be open to the public six Saturdays in 2016 – and admission is free! This is an incredible – and very cool – cultural and historic resource and is very well worth the trip to check out. The two-story Castro […]

The Hideout in Aptos

The Hideout in Aptos is located along Soquel Drive, just past Aptos Village as you are heading south towards Rio del Mar. It is appropriately named, because unless you know where to find it, it’s an easy spot to miss. The Hideout opened in January of 2015 and it became an overnight sensation. The restaurant […]

The Castro House in Aptos

The Castro House in Aptos is one of the oldest remaining structures in Aptos. It was originally built by Vicente Castro in 1870s. Vicente Castro was the son of Rafael Castro, who originally received the 5000 acre land grant for Aptos Rancho from Mexican Governor Jose Figuroa in 1833. Today the Castro House is the […]

Seacliff Beach Visitor’s Center

The Seacliff Visitor’s Center is another Aptos Gem. The Visitors’ Center is where you go to learn about the SS Palo Alto, and also about the marine life and environment of the area. They have a little pool where the kids can touch starfish, anemones, etc. Sometimes you can make kites there too. Ask them […]

Aptos History Museum

If you’re looking to dig into Aptos’ past, the place to start is the Aptos History Museum. It’s located just off the State Park Drive freeway exit, adjacent to the Best Western Seacliff Inn (and Severino’s Bar and Grill). The Aptos History Museum is a wonderful community asset with a fantastic collection of local artifacts, […]