Best Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Lot is in Aptos

It turns out that the best Santa Cruz Christmas tree lot is in Aptos! This may be somewhat of a subjective statement, but what other Christmas tree lot in the county gives you free popcorn, hot cocoa, coffee, and hot apple cider? What other Christmas tree lot in town has a special crafts area for […]

Rio Sands Hotel in Aptos

The Rio Sands Hotel in Aptos is one of the largest hotels in the Aptos area, and is also the one that is closest to the beach. It is conveniently located just steps from the sands of Rio del Mar Beach. They also have a large community meeting room which can be rented for breakfasts […]

Seb Frey Circa 1974

Ahh, the 1970’s. So much was happening:  the Vietnam war, Richard Nixon’s impeachment, the Arab oil embargo, Jimmy Carter.  The Grateful Dead were arguably at the top of their game (Cornell ’77 anyone?). Loud clothing was all the rage. I was oblivious to most of this at the time, except the loud clothing. Thanks to my parents, […]

Vacation Rental Restrictions coming to Aptos?

There is a move afoot to limit the number of vacation rentals in the “coastal” areas of Aptos, specifically Seacliff, Seascape, and Rio del Mar. The limits would be identical to what is now presently permissible in the <a href="http://www.sccoplanning about” target=”_blank”>Live Oak Designated Area (LODA), which is the coastal area that encompasses Pleasure […]

Aptos Way Back Machine: Real Estate

Back before there was such a thing as smart phones…back before “broadband” Internet was widely available for most people…back when Netscape was battling it out with Internet Explorer for supremacy on the world wide web… There was the MLS book. To you youngsters out there, it may seem incredible, but there was once a time […]

Hidden Beach Aptos

Hidden Beach Aptos is located just south of Platforms Beach and a bit to the north of Beer Can Beach. It is used mostly be local Rio del Mar neighborhood residents because the beach does not have its own parking lot. There is some parking available at the Hidden Beach Park and playground, but other than […]

Aptos Street BBQ

Aptos may be miles from Kansas City, but when it comes to getting some good barbecue in town, folks from all over Santa Cruz county flock to Aptos Village and our own Aptos Street BBQ. The place is easy to spot, just look for the smoke streaming up from their BBQ outside the restaurant. They […]

Kauboi Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar

The Kauboi Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar is a welcome addition to the Aptos Sushi Bar and Grill scene…actually, it’s the only Sushi Bar and Grill in Aptos. In fact, it’s the only proper sit-down sushi restaurant in Aptos (not counting Sushi on the Run, which is more a grab-and-go place). Kauboi is located in […]

Aptos History Museum

If you’re looking to dig into Aptos’ past, the place to start is the Aptos History Museum. It’s located just off the State Park Drive freeway exit, adjacent to the Best Western Seacliff Inn (and Severino’s Bar and Grill). The Aptos History Museum is a wonderful community asset with a fantastic collection of local artifacts, […]

The Farm Bakery and Cafe

The Farm Bakery and Cafe is located on Soquel Drive, just down the street from Cabrillo College.  It sits by itself, with no competition in sight.  It’s an eclectic place – they sell baked goods such as bread, cookies, a few pastries – as well as a breakfast and lunch menu with lighter, “healthier” fare […]