BFF Boutique

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The BFF Boutique is a clothing shop located in the historic Bayview Hotel in Aptos Village. BFF stands for “Bayview Fun Fashions” and although it’s an intimate shop, there’s no shortage of fun fashions to be had. Most of their inventory is for women, but they do have a small selection of items for men as well. They host special events when they will for example introduce new fashions for the season, and they often partner with GG Restaurant and Bar next door for discounts on food and drinks.

It’s a great place to check out quality, vintage clothing in a relaxed atmosphere. When you’re in Aptos Village, be sure to stop by!

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BFF Fashion Show – November 30, 2014

Aptos Center Shopping Center

The Aptos Center Shopping Center is centrally located near the intersection of State Park Drive and Soquel Drive. It features a number of favorite Aptos shops and restaurants.


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Aptos Center Shopping Center
Aptos Center Shopping Center

Aptos Village Square Shopping Center

The Aptos Village Square Shopping Center hosts a number of local Aptos businesses. It’s located adjacent to (downhill from) the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center, just outside of Aptos Village.

It is host to a number of Aptos favorites, including the outstanding Au Midi Restaurant and Bistro, Uncle Kwok’s, and Art Supplies Ink. It also contains our local Bikram yoga studio, as well as a Cross Fit.

Aptos Village Square Shopping Center
Aptos Village Square Shopping Center

Deer Park Marketplace / Shopping Center

Panda Inn
Panda Inn 3.8 star rating 233 reviews

Red Apple Cafe
Red Apple Cafe 3.5 star rating 460 reviews

Deluxe Foods of Aptos
Deluxe Foods of Aptos 3.9 star rating 143 reviews

Built on the site of Claus Spreckels‘ old deer hunting grounds, the Deer Park Marketplace is the primary shopping center for the Rio del Mar neighborhood. The shopping center was built in the 1970s and is the second “large scale” shopping center in Aptos, after the Rancho del Mar shopping center.

In addition to Deluxe Foods, there are a number of other notable businesses, including CVS Pharmacy, Panda Inn (Chinese food restaurant), the Red Apple Cafe, Deer Park Wine & Spirits, and the Del Mar Cleaners.

The shopping center also provides Aptos with some much needed office space, and a number of professional offices can be found here.

Deer Park Marketplace
Deer Park Marketplace

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