Best Santa Cruz Christmas Tree Lot is in Aptos

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It turns out that the best Santa Cruz Christmas tree lot is in Aptos! This may be somewhat of a subjective statement, but what other Christmas tree lot in the county gives you free popcorn, hot cocoa, coffee, and hot apple cider? What other Christmas tree lot in town has a special crafts area for your kids to make holiday decorations while you shop for a Christmas tree?

They offer a full range of top notch Christmas trees, and they are all fresh and grown in the U.S.A. And the prices are reasonable, too – very competitive with Costco and other lots around town. If you’re shopping for a fresh live Christmas tree this year, go and check out the Christmas tree lot in Aptos Village – you’ll be glad you did! They accept cash, checks, and Visa/Mastercard.

The Aptos Christmas Tree Lot is located where Lucy’s Hot Dog stand is, which is next to Testorff Construction, which in turn is located right next to the Bayview Hotel.