Aptos Public Library

The Aptos Public Library is an awesome community resource for the people of Aptos. Any day of the week, you’re likely to find a surprisingly large number of cars in the parking lot and people inside, reading books, newspapers, magazines, or surfing the Internet. The Library does provide free WiFi and electricity to plug in […]

Aptos Way Back Machine: Real Estate

Back before there was such a thing as smart phones…back before “broadband” Internet was widely available for most people…back when Netscape was battling it out with Internet Explorer for supremacy on the world wide web… There was the MLS book. To you youngsters out there, it may seem incredible, but there was once a time […]

Supervisor Friend pushes Aptos Broadband

The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently published a great article about the efforts of Aptos resident and Supervisor Zach Friend to improve the quality of Internet broadband to Santa Cruz county. The article quotes Supervisor Friend as saying “Our available residential internet access is one step above a joke,” referring to his home in Aptos, […]