Aptos Real Estate Update October 2016

It has been four months since my last Aptos real estate market update, back in June. Back then, I had some actual news to share. The real estate report was no longer the same story of rising prices with crushingly low inventory. Prices were still rising back in June, but the number of sales had […]

Marching in the 4th of July Parade

The 4th of July has come and gone, and the 55th Anniversary Edition of the World’s Shortest parade is one for the history books. I’ve watched many of these parades roll by over the years, but I’d never actually been in the parade until this year – and many of you never have, either! So […]

County is Planning Big Changes for Vacation Rentals

This article is provided courtesy of Robert Singleton, the Government Affairs Director for the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  It is being provided to readers of AptosCommunityNews as many Aptos residents and home owners will be affected by the proposed changes. During their June meeting the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted to place significantly […]

See The Cabrillo Stage Production of Chicago!

This past Friday, my wife and I went to see the opening night of the Cabrillo Stage production of Chicago at the Crocker Theater on the campus of Cabrillo College. We live not far from there, and for years I’d been driving under the pedestrian bridge across Soquel Drive and seeing the various banners for […]

Aptos Real Estate Update June 2016

Hey Aptos – we’re officially – finally! – in summer, so it’s time for the Aptos Real Estate Update June 2016! And this time – for the first time in ages – there is actually some NEWS in the Aptos Real Estate market! And the news could be good, or bad, depending on your perspective…so […]

Learning to Surf

Ahh, summertime! Last year I wrote about how we registered our son for Capitola Junior Guards.  That was the last year, it seems, when folks had to get up at o’dark:30 to wait in line to make sure they got the session they wanted (now it’s all done online, boo hoo!). He is now in […]

Aptos Votes Tomorrow on Local Issues

Although the November elections steal all the attention, voters in Aptos will go to the polls tomorrow, Tuesday June 7th, to vote on a number of issues of considerable importance. The June ballot is also called the primary election, when voters, for example, make their party’s choice for President, but there are a number of […]

Zach Friend Interview: Aptos Village

In the ninth and final segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about the Aptos Village Project. Zach stresses that the county’s role in the project at this point is very specific, focusing primarily on traffic improvements such as new signal lights, sidewalk, widening Soquel Drive, installing a dedicated left turn lane, […]

Aptos Real Estate Update May 2016

It’s been a cold and damp spring this year in Aptos – it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying 90 degree weather in December, and now we’re here at the end of May and I’m wary about leaving the home without a hat and gloves. But I know that summer is right around the […]

Zach Friend Interview: Housing Affordability

In the eighth segment of our Zach Friend Interview Series, the Supervisor talks about housing affordability and what needs to happen to improve it in Santa Cruz county. According to Friend, too many people live in substandard and overcrowded housing conditions, and it is simply unacceptable for this to be happening in a place and […]