Walk Through Seacliff’s Amazing Past

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The folks down at the Seacliff Visitor Center are putting on an event dubbed Walk Through Seacliff’s Amazing Past. It’s a 50 minute walk held on Sunday August 10th and 24th, and it starts at 11:30 AM down at the visitor’s center. Participants will learn about the history of the SS Palo Alto, and how efforts by big business to create Seacliff Park “a paradise of land and sea” were crushed in the 1920s and 30s.

You’ll learn about the beginnings of Seacliff State Beach, and how the local Native Americans, the Castro Family, and the Spreckel’s sugar cane empire all helped shape modern day Aptos. They’ll also talk about the notorious past of former Aptos resident, “The Madam of Seacliff.”

Who knew Seacliff ever had a madam? Sounds like a great way to get out and learn more about how Seacliff and Aptos came to be.

Teens on "China Beach"

Teens on “China Beach”