Seacliff Beach Visitor’s Center

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The Seacliff Visitor’s Center is another Aptos Gem. The Visitors’ Center is where you go to learn about the SS Palo Alto, and also about the marine life and environment of the area. They have a little pool where the kids can touch starfish, anemones, etc. Sometimes you can make kites there too. Ask them to start the 8 minute video in the visitors center which gives a brief history of the SS Palo Alto. They also sell a number of books, souvenirs, and toys for the kids.

The Visitor’s Center is run by the Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, and is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM, but best to call first (831-685-6444) to make sure they’ll be open, as it’s run by volunteers.

Seacliff State Beach Visitor's Center

Seacliff State Beach Visitor’s Center