Aptos Real Estate Update April 2016

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I’m not going to bury the lede on this one:  the median price for single-family homes in Aptos recently broke $1,100,000.  Yes, you read that right:  in February 2016, 12 single-family homes sold in Aptos, and the median price was $1,1045,00 (one home was an ocean view home on Kingsbury in Rio del Mar).  That’s an increase of over 50% year to year, as the median home price in February 2015 was $700,750.

But in March, we had nearly twice as many closings, and the median home price dropped – all the way down to $829,000 (for another ocean view Aptos home, but one considerably further from the actual ocean).  A year ago, in March 2015, the median price in Aptos was  was $870,000 so the March 2016 median home price was actually down 4.7% year over year.

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Don’t let those March numbers fool you though.  As a whole, the median home price in Santa Cruz county in February hit $794,500 and was $790,000 in March.  We have officially entered new territory, as both of those numbers are higher than the previous all-time median home price high set in November 2005 – a couple years before the market meltdown.

If you needed any more persuading about what a hot market Santa Cruz is right now, Realtor.com recently reported that Santa Cruz is the 4th Hottest Real Estate Market in the country.

Zillow says Best time to List is May in Aptos

Zillow says Best time to List is May in Aptos

You might say that the Aptos real estate market is in rude good health.  There are presently 67 single-family homes listed for sale in Aptos,  but of those 26 are under contract, leaving just 41 homes available for purchase.  That works out to about a 71 day supply of homes.  Homes sold in an average of 33 days in March.

There’s no question about it:  the Aptos and Santa Cruz real estate markets have never been better – if you’ve got a home you’re thinking of selling that is.  As it happens, Zillow has declared that May is the best time to list a home in Aptos, estimating sellers will receive an additional $11,310 on average versus listing in April. If ever there were a time to sell a home in Aptos – it seems this is it.


What about the rest of Santa Cruz county?

Want to know what’s going on in all of Santa Cruz county? For a complete report on Santa Cruz county as a whole, check out the Santa Cruz County Real Estate Report for April 2016

359 Beach Drive sold in March 2016 for $2,100,000

359 Beach Drive sold in March 2016 for $2,100,000