A Look Into Persephone

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Peresphone Restaurant Interior

I recently had an opportunity to chat with two of the owners of Persephone, the hottest new restaurant in Aptos. I wanted to check in with them and see how their new venture is going, and to learn more about what has made Persephone such a success right out of the gate.

I sat down with chef Cori Goudge-Ayer and her brother Alex Potter who serves as the beverage manager / sommelier. I met with them around mid-day, as they were hard at work planning that evening’s service. Several cooks were in the kitchen, busily preparing the food which would be served in a few hours. I was told that the kitchen starts going shortly after dawn, as many of their dishes require hours of preparation.

Speaking with Cori and Alex, their passion for their work and Persephone came through. I’m not a restauranteur and only a wannabe foodie, but when I have my choice, I want someone who clearly wants to serve a meal that’s going to knock my socks off. Talking to Cori and Alex, that’s the distinct impression I got: they want every dish that comes out of the kitchen to wow the palette and dazzle the eyes.

One of Persephone’s hallmarks is their commitment to using fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This means that the menu is always changing as new vegetables come into season. A couple of local farms have even agreed to grow vegetables exclusively for the restaurant, assuring them a steady supply of fresh, high-quality ingredients for their cuisine.

This kind of dedication to their craft is clearly what’s behind the restaurant’s success. Already, a number of locals come to eat there on a weekly basis, as the daily and desert specials are constantly refreshed, subject to availability of ingredients. For example, many seafood items will be available only when the fishermen bring in a fresh catch, and may be on the menu for a single night only.

If you’re looking to treat yourself (or your spouse, friends, or family!) to a really special night out, be sure to check out Persephone and see for yourself why they’ve already earned so many raving fans.

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