Marianne’s Ice Cream in Aptos

Marianne’s Ice Cream is a Santa Cruz institution, having been a family run business with a single location for over 50 years. In 2014, Marianne’s had the good taste to open their second location in Aptos, in the Seacliff neighborhood, just outside of Seacliff Beach. Marianne’s Ice Cream in Aptos is yet another welcome addition […]

Memorial Day at Seacliff Beach

Aptos has a reputation for being a foggy place. Blame it on the Monterey Bay, which has the second deepest ocean canyon in the world, with lots of super cold water that generates when it’s hot inland. I personally think it’s somewhat blown out of proportion – yes, we have a lot of foggy mornings, […]

Aptos Real Estate Report – May 2014

The Aptos real estate market is alive and well in May 2014! In April 2014, the median home price in Aptos was $715,671 – up 11% compared to a year ago, when the median price was $645,000. 34 homes closed escrow in April, which is almost the same as a year ago, when 33 homes […]

Aptos Real Estate Report – April 2014

The Aptos real estate market is alive and well in April 2014! In March 2014, the median home price in Aptos was $693,000 – up 6.5% compared to a year ago, when the median price was $652,250. 19 homes closed escrow in March, but that’s 20.8% fewer than a year ago, when 24 homes closed […]

Seacliff Beach’s Virtual Classroom In the News

Seacliff Beach made front page news on the Santa Cruz Sentinel today, with a piece featuring a virtual classroom which is beamed to thousands of California students in grades K through 12 throughout the state. Local Aptos resident Vonnie Lemke was featured in the article, who is an interpreter for the Parks Online Resources for […]

Aptos Real Estate Report – March 2014

Is Aptos ever more beautiful than in the springtime? Well, yes – it’s more beautiful in autumn usually, but it’s pretty nice in the springtime, especially just after a little RAIN! But we’re not here to talk about the exquisite Aptos weather so much as about the Aptos real estate market. To get things rolling, […]

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Bar in Aptos has been serving patrons for over 40 years, and for much of that time, it had a well-deserved reputation as a dive bar. The bar got new ownership in 2012, and since that time, the place has moved a little upscale, right along with the rest of Seacliff. The “new” […]

Marianne’s Ice Cream coming to Aptos

Great news ice cream lovers! Marianne’s Ice Cream is opening its 2nd location…in Aptos! Marianne’s is legendary among local (and not-so-local) ice cream aficionados. It’s been in operation since 1958 at a single location on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. And now, Marianne’s has the good taste to be opening a second location, after over […]

Severino’s Bar and Grill

Severino’s Bar and Grill is a fixture on the Aptos bar-and-grill scene – of course, there are very few bar-and-grill type places in Aptos they have to share the limelight with. Severino’s is part of the Best Western Seacliff Inn, and given that, patrons shouldn’t expect too many surprises when it comes to the food […]

Best Western Seacliff Inn

With its sublime climate and long stretches of beaches, Aptos has long been a draw for out-of-towners. When it comes to local accommodation, the Best Western Seacliff Inn is the largest hotel in the Aptos area. It offers free breakfasts for guests, as well as free WiFi. It also has a nicely landscaped center courtyard […]