Marianne’s Ice Cream in Aptos

Marianne’s Ice Cream is a Santa Cruz institution, having been a family run business with a single location for over 50 years. In 2014, Marianne’s had the good taste to open their second location in Aptos, in the Seacliff neighborhood, just outside of Seacliff Beach. Marianne’s Ice Cream in Aptos is yet another welcome addition […]

Marianne’s Ice Cream coming to Aptos

Great news ice cream lovers! Marianne’s Ice Cream is opening its 2nd location…in Aptos! Marianne’s is legendary among local (and not-so-local) ice cream aficionados. It’s been in operation since 1958 at a single location on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. And now, Marianne’s has the good taste to be opening a second location, after over […]