Time Lapse Video shows Hihn Apple Barn Moving

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware that the construction work for the new Aptos Village began several months back. For months, passers by have seen the Hihn Apple Barn up on jacks, as it was being prepared to move to its new site. Last month, on September 22, the move began. […]

Hihn Apple Barn Is Moving in Early 2016

Barry Swenson Builder, the firm developing the new Aptos Village, today announced that the Hihn Apple Barn is moving in early 2016. The firm is reporting thatĀ it’s in the final planning stages of moving the historic barn to a new and central location on the property, about 300 feet west of its current location. The […]

Aptos Village Update for Merchants

There was a meeting today at the Cantine Wine Pub, with the purpose of giving an Aptos Village update for merchants in the Aptos Village area. The meeting was well attended; about fifty people showed up to learn how the project may affect their businesses. The meeting was organized by Del Crawford of Mulberry Gallery, […]