Sanderlings Restaurant at Seascape Resort

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Sanderlings Restaurant at the Seascape Resort is simply not to be missed. If you’re in Aptos over the weekend, and you’re looking to take in a meal and a breathtaking view of the coastline at the same time – Sanderlings is your best bet. Unless it’s raining, or downright freezing – get a table on the patio. Bring a jacket if it’s cold, and maybe some sun screen if the sun is out, as it can get pretty toasty on a sunny and clear day.

Nobody goes to Sanderlings for the food, really. Read the Yelp reviews – as you can see, the food can be hit or miss. The service isn’t usually as bad as some people have indicated, but they’re not going to win any JD Powers awards on that score, either. However, if you set your expectations correctly, you’ll probably be delighted….so don’t go thinking the food will blow your mind or the service will knock your socks off. Go for the view and the experience of dining on the edge of magic.

Sanderlings does have a full bar, so if you’re the drinking type, it is a fabulous place to go and get some drinks, maybe an appetizer or two, and take in the sunset. This is perhaps the way Sanderlings is best experienced….although the fact it borders a open grassy area makes it good for kids who need some space to run around without overly annoying the other patrons.

Tip: they have all kinds of specials – lunch specials, prime rib specials, “fresh breakfast skillets” – but their best special is probably “Neighbor Nights” which are from Sunday-Thursday from 5:30 to 10:00 PM. It’s $16 a plate, a pretty reasonable price for the outrageous sunset you can catch! Also Happy Hour is Sunday-Thursday from 3 to 7 PM.

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