Rancho del Mar Shopping Center

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The Rancho del Mar shopping center was the first “large scale” retail development in Aptos, built in the 1960s. Its anchor tenant was, and is, Safeway – which is still the largest employer in Aptos. The shopping center is slated for re-development, as Safeway has purchased the center and is preparing to greatly increase the size of its store and radically alter the current shopping center.

In addition to Safeway, there are several other significant retailers: Ace hardware, Rite Aid, Aptos Shoes and Apparel, and of course, the Aptos Cinema. There are a number of smaller retailers as well as restaurants, including the Windjammer Bar (and Karaoke joint), the Aptos Coffee Roasting Company, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Taqueria Sofia, Terrific Cuts, and many others.

Safeway Safeway 97 reviews Safeway on Yelp

Aptos Ace Hardware
Aptos Ace Hardware Aptos Ace Hardware 27 reviews Aptos Ace Hardware on Yelp

Rite Aid
Rite Aid Rite Aid 23 reviews Rite Aid on Yelp

Aptos Cinemas
Aptos Cinemas Aptos Cinemas 20 reviews Aptos Cinemas on Yelp

Taqueria Sofia
Taqueria Sofia Taqueria Sofia 70 reviews Taqueria Sofia on Yelp

Terrific Cuts
Terrific Cuts Terrific Cuts 11 reviews Terrific Cuts on Yelp