Native Revival Nursery

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The Native Revival Nursery is tucked down Mar Vista Drive (off Soquel Drive), right down by the freeway. It sits on a portion of the site previously occupied by the now-defunct Par 3 Golf Course. It is also right adjacent to where the future Mar Vista over-crossing will be located. They’re usually open seven days a week for your shopping pleasure.

What’s great about the Native Revival Nursery is that they have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff who are there to help you choose the right flora for your home. These days, many area residents are checking into native plants because they are naturally drought-resistant, pest-resistant, and can withstand the occasional winter freeze…not to mention that native California plants also look great in your yard. They blend right in!

The folks at the Native Revival Nursery will also come to your home to provide consultation services and give tailored landsaping recommendations. They employ an architect who will prepare a scale drawing and plant list for your proposed landscape design. Can’t beat that!

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