Beer Can Beach in Aptos

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Beer Can Beach is located just to the north of the Seascape Resort, at the end of Clubhouse Drive and down Via Gaviota. It’s a popular spot to take your dog for a walk, as dogs are allowed to run off-leash there. It’s also just a great place to enjoy the beach away from the crowds you’ll find on most other beaches as you move north up the coast. This beach is totally flat, and wide open. In addition to dogs, they also allow bonfires (although camping is prohibited).

There is no parking lot for the beach, so you’ll just need to park your car in the neighborhood (before the gate) and proceed on foot down Clubhouse Drive towards the beach. When you can’t go straight anymore, hang a left and walk down past a few more houses. There’s a flight of stairs there which will take you down to the sand. It’s unclear if you are legally allowed to drink beer on Beer Can Beach, but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it…does it make any noise? And there’s the beauty of Beer Can Beach.

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Beer Can Beach in Aptos

Beer Can Beach in Aptos is a lovely spot to talk your dog in peace