Museum of Discovery Debuts Tinkering Workshop

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The MOD has a new Tinker Workshop!

The Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery (MOD) is growing again! The mission of the MOD has always been to be an extraordinary interactive learning environment where children aged 0 through 12 can explore and discover our world. In its first years, the MOD has been catering to the younger end of the age range.  The MOD has been a runaway success, particularly with parents and their children under age 7.

Now, the MOD has secured additional space in the Capitola Mall, adjacent to its current site. In this space, they are working to create a new Tinker Workshop, targeted for children aged 7 and up.

The MOD is looking for volunteers to help out in the Workshop!  If you have experiencing tinkering and think you’d like to help the next generation of amazing tinkerers, please get in touch with the MOD.  They’re also looking for donations and supplies to help equip the Workshop.  If you can pitch in and lend support in any way, please contact Helen with the MOD at or call Helen (831) 999-0610

Tinkering Workshop Sneak Peek

The MOD is inviting the community for a free sneak peek of their new MODWorkshop, where science, art, and technology intersect in a tinkering space!

The sneak peek will be held Saturday, March 25th from 1 to 4 PM. Participants will be invited to:

  • Construct with sticks and clay
  • Build a giant ball run
  • Deconstruct devices to see what’s inside
  • Explore basic tinkering tools

The MOD also plans to have classes in their new Workshop during spring break, including:

  • Scribble machine madness:  combine art, circuits, and your imagination to make a masterpiece
  • Crazy cardboard contraptions: construct “machines” using levers, pulleys, wheels, and widgets

These classes will cost $20 for MOD members, and $25 for non-members.  These classes are for parents and their child, working together on these projects.

Email questions to:; or call Helen (831) 999-0610 or the MOD directly at (888) 424-8035 for more information.