Aptos and the History of Manned Flight

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Aptos: First in Filght

Did you know that Aptos was host to a pioneering phase in aviation history? In 1903 a man named John Joseph Montgomery began flying his groundbreaking heavier-than-air glider around Aptos. This glider was the first vehicle of its kind to provide human-controlled sustained flight – before the Wright Brothers flew their plane at Kittyhawk.

Craig Harwood, John Montgomery’s great, great grandnephew lives and works locally, and has written a book: “Quest for Flight,” which reveals his great-great grand uncle’s accomplishments, and is currently available on Amazon.com for $24.95 (hardover) and $23.70 (kindle).

The Aptos History Museum will be holding a “Coffee, Tea and History,” event on Saturday, March 11 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM. Mr. Harwood will be making a presentation entitled “Transcending Kitty Hawk: The Real Story of Flight as an Intriguing Slice of Local History” His award-winning book Quest for Flight will be available for purchase and personal inscription by Harwood. The presentation will be held at the Rio Sands Hotel Community Room, 116 Aptos Beach Drive, Aptos. $15 donation benefits the Aptos History Museum. Reservations required (831) 688-1467.

These Coffee, Tea and History events have been selling out, so if you’re interested in attending, please contact the museum today and secure your seat today!