Twelfth Night Harp Festival

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Twelfth Night Harp Festival

The Community Music School is putting on a Twelfth Night Harp Festival, this coming Saturday, January 7th from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at Resurrection Church in Aptos. This will be a celebration of the harp in its many forms, featuring soloists Steve Coulter (folk harp) Cathleen O’Connell (wire-strung harp), Malima Kone, (kora), the Community Music School Harp Orchestra and teen band. The performance will be conducted by Shelley Phillips, and the musicians will perform traditional Celtic and Ukrainian music.

Across the ages, the harp has been both universal and unique in human musical experience, holding a sort of mystical place in our consciousness and enchanting us with a pure, transcendent sound. It is arguably the most ancient stringed instrument, found all over the world in many cultures; the origin of the harp goes all the way back to Mesopotamia, with the earliest harps found in Sumer around 3500 BCE.

In modern times, it has changed and developed in all sorts of ingenious ways, leading to the pedal or concert harp (the giant harps typically seen in orchestras or jazz ensembles) and the electric harp (special effects-ready, in all sorts of crazy shapes and colors!). The harp is also the national instrument of Ireland, Paraguay, and Burma.

Admission to this event is free, but donations will be gratefully accepted to benefit youth music programs at the Community Music School, a non-profit educational organization.

This is a kid-friendly event, and a harp “petting zoo” will follow the performance for curious concert-goers.