Polo Grounds Restroom Now Open for Business!

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Polo Grounds Restroom Ribbon Cutting

Polo Grounds Restroom Ribbon Cutting

Polo Grounds Park in Aptos is well known to many area families; many weekends of the year, the park hosts up to 2,000 people who come to play soccer, baseball, ride their BMX bikes, walk their dogs, and other sports and recreational activities. Until now, all these thousands of weekly visitors had only a few portable chemical toilets to use to satisfy the call of nature.

That’s all come to an end now, as the Santa Cruz County Parks Department officially opened the new restroom and concession building at the Park. Parks Director Jeff Gaffney got the proceedings rolling, and soon turned the microphone over to Jay Johnson, the general contractor for the project. The project had also been championed and supported by the Cabrillo Host Lions Club, and their President also spoke at the event. Supervisor Zach Friend also made extensive remarks, and then it was time to cut the ribbon and tour the new facility.

The Restrooms are open but there’s still room for improvement! Support the Cabrillo Host Lions Club in their work by buying a personalized brick which will be installed at the site. Bricks are just $100 for a 4×8 or $150 for a 12×12.

After the ceremony, Jay Johnson shared some interesting details about the facility. It is actually a pre-fabricated structure manufactured in Oregon, and was brought to the site on three flatbed trucks. It came already painted with anti-graffiti paint. The front third of the building is the concession area, with a window for service and several sinks. Most of the center of the building is a utility hallway, which makes it easy to access and maintain the mechanicals (plumbing, electricity, etc.) for the building. There’s also a cool bottle filler above the water fountains built into the rear of the building by the bathroom doors.

You can see a video below of the ceremony, and a gallery of photographs showing the inside of the building below that. In more ways than one, having this new restroom facility at the Polo Grounds will be a big relief for the Aptos community.

Polo Grounds Restroom Ribbon Cutting Video

Photos of new Polo Grounds Restroom and Concession Building