The Colonel has Left the Building

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Kentucky Fried Chicken in Aptos is Gone

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Aptos is Gone

The lower end of the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center is turning into a veritable ghost town, as another of its tenants have closed up shop. Early this month, the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant shut its doors, with apparently no prior notice to any of their customers.

The plastic lighted sign has been turned around, and the letters and logo can be seen as a reversed ghostly image in the sign post. A note taped to the door gives thanks for “many years of patronage” and refers customers to two nearby KFC locations.

Nobody seems to know precisely why the Colonel has left the building – but it seems the most likely reason is that their lease was up and the new owners of the shopping center raised the rate to the point where business at the location was no longer viable.

A lot of folks will say good riddance to bad rubbish – but what comes next? The owner of Rancho del Mar, TRC (formerly known as Terramar Retail Centers), isn’t talking. We’ll just have to watch that space and see what pops up.