Time Lapse Video shows Hihn Apple Barn Moving

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Hihn Apple Barn on the Move

Hihn Apple Barn on the Move

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware that the construction work for the new Aptos Village began several months back. For months, passers by have seen the Hihn Apple Barn up on jacks, as it was being prepared to move to its new site. Last month, on September 22, the move began. The folks at Barry Swenson Builder have now released a cool time-lapse video showing the Hihn Apple Barn moving slowly on its way to its new permanent location within Aptos Village.

Time Lapse Video

The L-shaped building is 181 feet long and 100 feet wide, and has been divided into two sections. The division was made at the location where the first addition was made to the barn about 100 years ago.

So far, one section of the barn has been moved nearly 200 feet across the property and has been rotated 160 degrees. The move is being done on rollers, a laborious and slow process. When the first section of barn is in place, Kelly Brothers House Movers will begin work to move the second section.

The pad where the barn will be placed has been trenched for a foundation, and that work has been inspected and certified. The aim is to have both sections of the barn situated on the pad before the rainy season.

Relocating and rehabilitating the barn is a key element of the Aptos Village Project. Although the exact date the Hihn Apple Barn was constructed is not known, the barn is historically significant. Part of the building appears to have been constructed c.1891-1899, with substantial additions in 1915 and c.1920, with the last bay (88 feet long by 36 feet wide) c.1929-1930. The barn will become a New Leaf Community Market and open into the Village Green common area, a new civic heart for Aptos.

Local Aptos historian Kevin Newhouse was interviewed by Phil Gomez with KSBS Action News 8, and that video can be seen here:

KSBW Interviews Kevin Newhouse