Work Begins on Aptos Village

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Barry Swenson Builder Trailer in Aptos Village

Barry Swenson Builder Trailer in Aptos Village

Work begins on Aptos Village today! Barry Swenson Builder has moved a trailer on to the Aptos Village job site, and today they announced via their web site ( that crews are now preparing the area where the Hihn Apple Barn will be moved to later this year. Much of the work is weather-dependent and only happening in select areas to prevent erosion. County officials are involved in overseeing the work. BSB construction manager Keith Henderson explained that “we try to disturb as little as possible and only work where we need to.”

The Apple Barn will be rotated and moved about 300 feet west of its current location. The plan calls for it to be renovated and reopened as a New Leaf market. In preparation for this move, Barry Swenson Builder has indicated their staff are working with historians and historical architects to take photos of the barn to document key details.

The barn’s porch, which is not part of the original structure, will be removed before the structure is moved. Wood saved from the porch will be reused in historical displays and elsewhere as the barn is reconstructed in its new location.

A little-known fact about the barn is that it is actually comprised of two structures, one added onto the other. Aptos Village Project construction manager Keith Henderson explained the barn will be severed along the addition, with temporary walls being built to provide stability during the move.

In addition to moving the Apple Barn, the work crew will also be removing a dilapidated metal shed and debris from the site (the corrugated metal siding will be salvaged or recycled), and beginning work on the retaining wall along Granite Way.