Final Curtain Call at the Aptos Cinema

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Final Curtain Call at Aptos Cinemas

Final Curtain Call at Aptos Cinemas

This week saw the Final Curtain Call at the Aptos Cinema, which closed on January 26th, 2015 after 45 years of operation. The new owners of the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center have elected not to renew the Cinema’s lease, which will expire at the end of the month. The word on the street is that the shopping center’s owners were not interested in negotiating anything with the Cinema’s operators. It seems that they have new plans for the space, although they have not shared that with anyone in the community.

In place of one of the usual movie posters, a notice outside the entrance read:

Aptos Cinemas Closing

We regret that we have been unable to come to terms with the Aptos Cinemas Owner, Terramar Realty. We look forward to our patrons visiting us at our other locations, Landmark’s Nickeloden Theater and Del Mar Theatre. We will continue to feature great films and provide superior customer service to the Santa Cruz community.

January 26, 2016 will be the last day of business for Landmark’s Aptos Cinemas. We will be ending our run with THE REVENANT and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Please stop by for a film and say goodbye. The Aptos Management, and staff in particular, extend thanks to our customers and friends; we loved entertaining you at this location.

We can expect more turnover in the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center in coming months, as many leases will be up for renewal soon. County Supervisor Zach Friend has indicated that significant rent increases in the center are likely, and that the owners of the center will be looking to sign leases with national chains and franchises.

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