Seacliff Memorial Wall to be Removed

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Multiple news sources have reported that the Seacliff Memorial Wall, an Aptos gem, is to be stripped of all its memorials.

The wall itself is not public property, and the memorials placed on the wall appear to violate several California civil codes. A private property owner has complained; it is unclear at this time who. The memorials on the wall are to be removed within 60 days, although the California State Parks may come up with an alternative solution.

Supervisor Zach Friend has suggested nothing should be done before the public has had a chance to give their input. Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact Supervisor Friend directly.

An on-line petition has been created to save the memorial wall, with a goal of obtaining 5,000 signatures by August 31.

See also: Santa Cruz sentinel article, KSBW TV Story

Update: August 21, 2014

KSBW News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel are now reporting that the party responsible for ordering the memorials be removed is indeed the owner of the home adjacent to the wall, and on whose property the wall is built. Further, California State Parks is not involved in the removal of the memorials, nor is the Santa Cruz Sheriff.

Seacliff Memory Wall

Seacliff Memory Wall