New Website Aims to Save Aptos

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There’s a new web site built by a group of concerned Aptos residents and business owners working to shape the redevelopment of the Rancho del Mar Shopping Center.

The site urges visitors to sign a petition to supervisor Zach Friend on Already, over 700 people have signed the petition, which urges Zach Friend and other county supervisors reject the Safeway expansion.

The page also has a slide show which makes several proposals to shape the redevelopment of the shopping center, such as:

  • Keep the Safeway store in its same location
  • Keep the Safeway store at 42,000sf or smaller
  • Reduce the size of the proposed gas station (18 pumps are proposed, making it the largest in Santa Cruz county)
  • Retain the Aptos Cinema movie theater

The group also hosts a meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Aptos Grange. The next meeting date is May 13, 2014.

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Save Aptos

Save Aptos