Bayview Hotel Aptos

Located in the heart of Aptos Village, the Bayview Hotel, built in 1870, is one of the oldest buildings in Aptos. The hotel was built by Jose Arano, who was the son-in-law of Rafel Castro, the original recipient of the Aptos Rancho land grant from the government of Mexico. It was listed on the national […]

Pleasant Valley Vineyards – Aptos

[venue id = 4c7977fa2d3ba143bf658ed0] Tucked away on Pleasant Valley Road, you’ll find the Pleasant Valley Vineyards, a small family-run vineyard serving a choice selection of local varietals. As a relatively small operation, they have limited hours: only on Saturdays from noon to 5 PM, and usually only between April and September – unless you call […]

Glaum Egg Ranch

Glaum Egg Ranch is a true Aptos gem. Nestled away in the hills along Valencia Road, the Glaum Egg Ranch has been a family owned and operated business for over 80 years. They specialize in 100% cage free and organic eggs, using sustainable farming techniques. Their eggs are available in over 500 stores and restaurants […]

Aptos Street BBQ

Aptos may be miles from Kansas City, but when it comes to getting some good barbecue in town, folks from all over Santa Cruz county flock to Aptos Village and our own Aptos Street BBQ. The place is easy to spot, just look for the smoke streaming up from their BBQ outside the restaurant. They […]

Aptos Jump Park and Pump Track

The Aptos Jump Park (aka the Post Office Jumps, or just “the post office”) and the Aptos Pump Track are yet another example of things that make Aptos special. The Aptos Jumps are world famous, as many mountain bikers travel from distant lands to come and practice and play on the jumps. And, many local […]

Aptos Community Garden

Did you know Aptos had a community garden? It’s tucked away toward the very end of Soquel Drive, south of the Freedom Boulevard exit. It’s on the property of the Christ Lutheran Church of Aptos. The mission of the Aptos Community Garden is to be a place for folks with limited access to land to […]

Aptos History Museum

If you’re looking to dig into Aptos’ past, the place to start is the Aptos History Museum. It’s located just off the State Park Drive freeway exit, adjacent to the Best Western Seacliff Inn (and Severino’s Bar and Grill). The Aptos History Museum is a wonderful community asset with a fantastic collection of local artifacts, […]

The SS Palo Alto (the Cement Boat)

If there is one image that identifies Aptos, California it would have to be that of The SS Palo Alto (the Cement Boat), the sunken concrete ship on the shore of Seacliff State Beach. A lot of people wonder how the ship got there – and it’s an interesting story. The ship was one of […]

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park offers 10,000+ acres of mountains and forest to explore, with over 40 miles of trails. It is a mecca for area hikes, mountain bikers, joggers, and nature lovers. The park includes picnic areas, BBQ pits, and the remains of numerous buildings which were built to facilitate logging the […]